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Resident Evil The final Chapter – Review

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Movie Poster

I went with my wonderful hubby to see Resident Evil the final chapter this last weekend. Now let me say this, judging this as a stand-alone movie leaves me happy and honestly I loved it. I thought the jump scares were well done, the plot was fun, and the graphics were astounding. That being said, this movie is NOT a stand-alone film. This movie is meant to be part of a franchise. As such there are things that were done in this film that should not have been. This post has spoilers for the movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you stop before continuing on. Otherwise you have been warned. Continue reading “Resident Evil The final Chapter – Review”

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Sims 4 – Reality in a screen

So right now I’m playing Sims 4 mainly because I needed a 3D program for getting a visual on how furniture would fit in a house. So rather than buy a whole new program, I used this game platform. It’s not completely accurate, as Sims themselves are not as maneuverable as humans, yet, but it gets the job done. And of course me being me, I made my Sims relatable to my family and people I know. Eventually I’ll have a whole town filled with people I know. A lot of people make towns based on celebrities or fictional characters. Me I prefer Continue reading “Sims 4 – Reality in a screen”

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Alas, I Knew you well…

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So yesterday my laptop officially died. It started slowly enough. First the headphone jack stopped working, then one USB port died, then the fans started to work overtime. So last week the computer started shocking me. And yesterday was the final Continue reading “Alas, I Knew you well…”

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How to make an entrance…at the entrance

Over the last couple days I have made notes on different things to blog about. However, the universe had designs of it’s own. Let’s start things off with a simple statement, I am a clumsy person. I run into corners and walls, trip over nothing, hit my head on doors, window sills, tables, slip all the time, fall off couches, beds, benches and more. This is just a part of my life, being clumsy is part of who I am, and no matter what the universe doesn’t let me forget it or hide it.

Take today for instance. Continue reading “How to make an entrance…at the entrance”