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Alas, I Knew you well…

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So yesterday my laptop officially died. It started slowly enough. First the headphone jack stopped working, then one USB port died, then the fans started to work overtime. So last week the computer started shocking me. And yesterday was the final nail in the coffin. The screen started bugging out.

Now darling husband tried his best but just made matters worse. It went from a glichy screen to a black no image screen, then from there he tried to fix it. This resulted in the power button no longer working, he must have tinkered with it for hours, and this thing was just determined to die.

I’m writing this from my darling husband’s computer, since my phone never seems to recognize my login. We were stumped as to how to go about replacing my computer without going in to debt. Finally we agreed to do a rent-to-own service. Yes it costs us twice the amount of computer itself, but it’s simply an expense we can’t afford right now.

Especially since our year has started out with us getting prepared for some rather life altering expenses/privileges. Which I look forward to talking about at a later date once everything is moving forward. I know, what a cliff hanger.

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