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Atom Universe – Review

Source: Atom Republic – A virtual Park

Okay recently I downloaded the Early Access Beta of Atom Universe created by Atom Republic on my PS4. I think the idea is amazing, giving a social aspect to chilling on the PS4 is a great idea. However I have to say my experience was less than thrilling.

First thing’s first, the menu navigation had me very confused. Second, creating premium content right off the bat in the menu that is only accessible by purchasing a subscription is what I consider poor taste, we haven’t even gotten to the play content yet and you’re already trying to sell us on a subscription service? Third, I think you should be able to rotate your avatar while customizing the appearance of your avatar. Mind you this is all before you even get into the interactive world.

Finally I made it into the world, chose where to start, and began to play. I chose to play a female character as I usually do when it comes to games that offer a choice because as a female gamer that is my choice and though I know it comes with it’s own risks I still do it. I explored the ferris wheel, danced with a snowman, and collected some floating items that added up to 10/10 collectibles, which I have no idea what they are for yet.

I was enjoying myself. I hadn’t figured out all the controls yet and didn’t know this was a cross-platform game (steam and playstation). So when another player approached me I hadn’t figured out how to be social, no biggy I was just exploring this game. The player with a male avatar messaged in chat to me, and I didn’t respond. This player then continued to follow around my avatar trying to elicit a response from me, something I was now inclined NOT to do.

I couldn’t find a button for reporting harassment so I just kept walking away, teleporting to other social “rooms” that were available. This is where it got stalker psycho ish. My phone started blowing up (this is in real life BTW) with messages from sony/playstation about verification codes. I recently had a hacking incident with my account so I had added two step verification to my account and now when someone tries to login I get the text with the code they need to continue. This happened in rapid and frequent succession between the hours of 1am and 3am. They tried at least six times at a time to get into my account.

Now how do I know this is related to me playing ATOM? There’s a flaw in their social system, your username is your gamertag. So far as I found there is no way to customize your username. Meaning total strangers now know who you are and can attempt to access your account. I quickly made sure I could still log in to my account and then proceeded to tighten the security on my account with a stronger password and changing all of my security questions.

Since I was at it anyways I also went through a bunch of my accounts for things and battened down the hatches with them too.

I think ATOM could be amazing, and yes I understand it’s an early release, but they have a lot of kinks to get out before it’s safe for the public.

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