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Beauty and the Beast – Review (★★★★☆ rating)

Emma Watson – Beauty and the beast -Moving poster

I went with my husband this last weekend to see the live action Beauty and the Beast. Overall I was very impressed, the amount of detail put into not only the story but the set itself and the characters was everything I hoped for and more. I loved the cast choices. My only real critique is the music. While most of it is great, the autotune was overused with Emma Watson, that’s not to say the woman can’t sing; the producers just tried to make her voice more soprano than it was resulting in a very mechanical twang on her voice. I think the producers should have felt more confident in their leading lady and adjusted the key of the songs to suit her rather than editing her on a computer in hopes no one would notice. Now I understand that nowadays everyone in music is autotuned more or less, but not to the degree that they autotuned poor Emma. Would I see it again? Probably but at home. Will I buy the movie? Probably, but that’s because I’m an avid Disney fan and feel this was amazing despite the autotune. Would I recommend you see it in theaters? Yes and no. It’s amazing to see the world of Beauty and the Beast on the big screen in such detail, however the speakers only add to the mechanical twang caused by the autotune. So it’s really up to you. Overall I give the movie a ★★★★☆ rating. What were your thoughts on this movie? What was your favorite part? What did you hate? Let me know in the comments.

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