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Firewatch – Game Review

Firewatch – Game Poster

This review is well overdue, as I finished this game awhile ago (about a month or so). Watching the trailer for this game is what made me want to play it. I was intrigued by the storyline they presented. I’ll keep this short and sweet. I played this game on the PS4, the game itself is very immersive and Continue reading “Firewatch – Game Review”

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Resident Evil 7- Game Review


Okay so I just finished my first play through of Resident Evil 7. I don’t do well with first person perspective, let alone gore, but I love the Resident Evil franchise. I watched a few streamers playing it, and before they even got into the house I decided that I would give it a try. So over to the store and cashier to get my own version of the game. Overall play through took me three days to complete it with an overall of maybe eight hours gameplay. I wouldn’t complain about Continue reading “Resident Evil 7- Game Review”

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Sims 4 – Reality in a screen

So right now I’m playing Sims 4 mainly because I needed a 3D program for getting a visual on how furniture would fit in a house. So rather than buy a whole new program, I used this game platform. It’s not completely accurate, as Sims themselves are not as maneuverable as humans, yet, but it gets the job done. And of course me being me, I made my Sims relatable to my family and people I know. Eventually I’ll have a whole town filled with people I know. A lot of people make towns based on celebrities or fictional characters. Me I prefer Continue reading “Sims 4 – Reality in a screen”

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Atom Universe – Review

Source: Atom Republic – A virtual Park

Okay recently I downloaded the Early Access Beta of Atom Universe created by Atom Republic on my PS4. I think the idea is amazing, giving a social aspect to chilling on the PS4 is a great idea. However I have to say my experience was less than thrilling.

First thing’s first, the menu navigation had me very confused. Second, creating premium content right off the bat in the menu that is only accessible by purchasing a subscription is what I consider poor taste, we haven’t even gotten to the play content yet and you’re already trying to sell us on a subscription service? Third, I think you should be able to rotate your avatar while customizing the appearance of your avatar. Mind you this is all before you even get into the interactive world.

Finally I made it Continue reading “Atom Universe – Review”