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How to make an entrance…at the entrance

Over the last couple days I have made notes on different things to blog about. However, the universe had designs of it’s own. Let’s start things off with a simple statement, I am a clumsy person. I run into corners and walls, trip over nothing, hit my head on doors, window sills, tables, slip all the time, fall off couches, beds, benches and more. This is just a part of my life, being clumsy is part of who I am, and no matter what the universe doesn’t let me forget it or hide it.

Take today for instance. I went to a new church, only my second time here, and it had snowed last night into this morning so ice built up on the bottom of my shoes. However I wasn’t aware of this fact, so I carefully navigated the snow ridden parking lot, make my way indoors, and I’m super proud that I have yet to succumb to my clumsy nature. I head towards the check in area for new families, then I run out of carpet. You know how movies show people trying to ice skate for the first time? They wobble and shake and throw out their arms to keep themselves up. Yeah, that was me. Even my husband didn’t help me, he was carrying our daughter. So I wobble, shake, throw out my arms, continue to slide, until finally succumbing to gravity and murphy’s law, KAPOW I fell to my knees. BUT I saved my coffee.

I think it’s safe to say I caught everyone’s attention, and definitely made an entrance. I was so mortified. Plenty of people came over to make sure I was alright. I guess I really wanted to make sure everyone knew who I was. I was tempted to turn around and leave but I stuck it out, kept my head up, and soldiered through. Now I have bruised knees, a twisted ankle, and a slightly sprained wrist; but hey, I went to church.

Good thing is, since I know this is my disposition I’m not one to blame anyone but myself.

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