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Resident Evil 7- Game Review


Okay so I just finished my first play through of Resident Evil 7. I don’t do well with first person perspective, let alone gore, but I love the Resident Evil franchise. I watched a few streamers playing it, and before they even got into the house I decided that I would give it a try. So over to the store and cashier to get my own version of the game. Overall play through took me three days to complete it with an overall of maybe eight hours gameplay. I wouldn’t complain about the length of the story because personally I found it fabulous. The story was gripping, and pulls you in from the start. I don’t want to give away any key pieces of the storyline because I really think you should give it a try for yourself.

One of the main reasons I avoided buying this game or whatnot was my fear of the gore, and yes it’s present but from what I understand the American version had it less than the Japanese version. Not a problem for me, in fact I’m fine with less gore. There were three scenes that really made my stomach turn though. 1) The initial scene in the dining room. 2) The deputy in the basement. 3) The toilet in the “Happy Birthday” video. I really had to look away from the screen for those scenes, again not spoiling it for anyone but you’ll understand when you get there.

The other reason I strayed away from this game was because of the first person perspective, I am one of those people who gets motion sickness when my game camera bobs like a discombobulated head. Yet I was super happy to find I could turn off the wobbly camera effect. This made it simpler for me to play through without getting sick, at least from the perspective, there’s still those three scenes that did me in. So now you know you can make the camera more steady.

I do have a complaint about the game. Other than in title and a small cameo there’s nothing in the game really linking to past Resident Evil games, and therefore if it weren’t for those two things you wouldn’t know it’s Resident Evil game. I missed a few pieces of data/research/paper during my run, but what I’ve heard from other players is the same. This is Resident Evil in name only really.

I did feel like Resident Evil 7 went back to it’s roots with this game with certain aspects. Inventory management was back, item chest/lock chest for storing the leftover items was back. No merchants to sell you goods out of nowhere while they remain safe and oblivious from any danger. No costumes. And so far no co-op play. Even the saving, I liked the new tape recorder saving, it wasn’t a typewriter but it made sense for the story and whatnot.

All in all I loved the game, and definitely put this game on your list of must plays. If you have to, turn on all the lights, play some happy cheerful music, eat candy, make funny voices, or faces, whatever helps you get through the tough times. Because the story is amazing.

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