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Resident Evil The final Chapter – Review

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Movie Poster

I went with my wonderful hubby to see Resident Evil the final chapter this last weekend. Now let me say this, judging this as a stand-alone movie leaves me happy and honestly I loved it. I thought the jump scares were well done, the plot was fun, and the graphics were astounding. That being said, this movie is NOT a stand-alone film. This movie is meant to be part of a franchise. As such there are things that were done in this film that should not have been. This post has spoilers for the movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you stop before continuing on. Otherwise you have been warned.

If you’re at this point of my post you have accepted the risk of spoilers for Resident Evil the final chapter and therefore will not be spared my honest opinion.

So first thing’s first, the last film left us at the top of the White House in Washington DC with a horde of infected people and creatures heading our way. This film was meant to be the last one of the franchise and therefore answer our questions and wrap everything up. However, right off the bat we’re hit with questions, “What happened in DC?” they hint during the film that Wesker, being Wesker, betrayed them all and tricked Alice into thinking she got her powers back. Okay, but what happened? How did he betray them and seperate everyone all over again? What did Alice do once she thought she had her powers back? Where is the little girl she saved from the underwater facility? Where did Leon go? Or Ada? How did Claire allow herself to be seperated from her brother Chris AGAIN?

Which brings me to Claire. In the film Claire tells Alice that after Arcadia she was captured. If that was the case, then how did she escape? There’s the possibility that she’s a clone since Umbrella seems to be cloning everyone and anyone now, but that leaves a lot to still be explained. For instance how long has she been a clone? Speaking of clones, remember Tyrant? Well apparently he’s the big dog in Umbrella. Yeah, the Doc who became Tyrant was actually a clone of one of the heads of Umbrella Corp. Oh and he’s enhanced as well. Oh and there’s a crazy priest version of himself too. Okay, I can accept that. However the idiot decides to clone a person who obviously hates him in hopes to turn the clone into his own dang weapon, Alice. Alice is a clone of the t-virus founder’s daughter, who happens to be the second head honcho of Umbrella Corp.

Oh yeah, they changed that too. So remember the second movie? With Jill Valentine, the little girl, and Nemesis. Well the little girl was meant to be the daughter of the doctor who invented the t-virus, and whom the Red Queen was modeled after. This is why the “team” was recruited to go save her, because the founder couldn’t let her go, I mean she’s his daughter. We all know that he died from a gunshot to the head and became one of the infected and killed the jerk behind the nemesis project. Yet, this latest movie ignores it’s own lore and changes the story to where head honcho number one aka Tyrant has him killed in his own home while his daughter eavesdrops on the stairs before the outbreak has even begun. Basically implying that the second movie didn’t happen. That little girl becomes the co-founder of Umbrella, and the base for clone Alice.

So these are my major pet peeves. Like I said before it’s a great stand-alone movie, but it’s NOT a stand-alone movie, it’s part of a franchise. For a final film there are too many questions left unanswered, and too many story mistakes to look past. This was not the finale I as a fan wanted or needed, and honestly I feel cheated.

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