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Sims 4 – Reality in a screen

So right now I’m playing Sims 4 mainly because I needed a 3D program for getting a visual on how furniture would fit in a house. So rather than buy a whole new program, I used this game platform. It’s not completely accurate, as Sims themselves are not as maneuverable as humans, yet, but it gets the job done. And of course me being me, I made my Sims relatable to my family and people I know. Eventually I’ll have a whole town filled with people I know. A lot of people make towns based on celebrities or fictional characters. Me I prefer to stick close to reality. My reason for this is simple, I like to see if their paths end up the same as mine, or if they are just as kooky as me.

So I don’t have all the expansions by far, and as exciting as it is to have the Vampire expansion coming out, I think I’d prefer a stuff pack with interactive laundry again. I felt it added another sense of realism. As well as laptops. I know we have the tablet now but it limits your interactions, whereas the laptop was portable and had all the functions of a computer. I like the cell phones but miss the social aspect from Sims 3. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the controls get buggy when arranging items/objects. For instance I was placing a sofa and out of nowhere the mouse hotkeys for rotating furniture stopped working, I had to minimize my game and search for the keyboard controls, and this happens to me quite frequently.

As I write this my game is minimized and my family are fending for themselves which is always fun. Let’s talk about the new toddler addition. Thank you EA because I missed the toddlers so much! I found it fun to play with my toddler and see the imagination grow while I watched them learn. There was a downfall though. Toddler birthday. I tried three times to get the party right, first I threw the party at home and hired a caterer but no caterer came, so I’m not sure if I messed up somewhere. I spent most of the party searching through build mode trying to find a cake, then found I needed to make one or have the caterer make one but since no caterer came despite charging me for it I tried to make a cake, no luck since my skill wasn’t high enough. Then once my skill was high enough (yes I used cheat codes, my toddler needed to age up without feeling forgotten) I spent the second party searching for a birthday cake recipe. HA turns out you just bake a cake and put candles on it to make a birthday cake. Third party comes around, I’ve baked the cake, I’ve put the candles on, caterer bailed AGAIN, and I’m trying to get the toddler to blow out the candles, once again had to pause and minimize to find out why it wasn’t working. I needed to have a parent/adult pick up the toddler and help them blow out the candles. I tried it, still didn’t work (I was at a public venue, one of the parks). Minimized again, still couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, I was doing what everyone said to. Here’s what was wrong, picnic tables. I needed a table with access to a high chair, like a dining table or patio table, and then the high chair (have you ever seen parks with high chairs?). So third party was over but I had the lit up cake and had figured out my problem. I was done trying to do the party. I set the toddler in the chair, went to the cake, and helped her blow out the candles.

So while I appreciate the update and the fun of a toddler, the tutorial was less than helpful with some things and it was a lot of seek and find with some experimenting thrown in. Keep up the good work though EA, looking forward to getting my laundry back and the portability of laptops.

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